Touch for HealthTM System


Touch for HealthTM System: Balancing the body’s electromagnetic energies.

Praxis Birgit Gottas

During a treatment using a »Touch for Health« balancing session, energy in the body finds an equilibrium. The immune system is strengthened and self-healing powers are activated. The person becomes more resistant to spiritual, emotional and physical demands.

Hence, muscle tests are used to provide information about the energy state of organs and their corresponding meridians. This provides the basis for balancing the body’s energy through activation or calming points. The relevant points are treated with touch pressure.




Brain-Gym®: Movement is the gateway to learning!

»Brain-Gym®« is used to improve the cooperation of both brain halves as well as to increase hearing and visual ability. “Brain gymnastics” helps adults, as well as children, to experience learning as a positive thing. Learning goals become more easily achievable.
»Brain Gym Goal Balancing« enables the formulation of goals with the aid of muscle tests and physical exercises. The body anchors the desired goal with the help of individually tested movements.
»Brain-Gym®« is based on a series of energising and calming movement exercises.


Holleis-Method©: Active in the »Here and Now«

The »Holleis-Method« it is about releasing previous stress that has been trapped in the body. Thereby allowing movement coordination to be improved and sharpening the perception of the environment. In doing so, the »Holleis-Method« is solely used for prophylaxis and preservation of well-being.

The connective tissue of the joint areas is treated, whereby subtle energies are transported throughout the body. Shoulders, ankle joints, knees, hips, sacroiliac joint, ribs, collar bones, jaw bones, elbows, hand and finger joints are activated. Then, by kinesiologically testing various muscles associated with each joint, it can be determined whether there is a faulty energy problem already existing. By using simple movement techniques, previous stress is eliminated and released. The person is thereby supported in developing his/her full potential from now on.