Lectures and Training

In addition to practical kinesiological work, lectures, training and workshops are available on request in English, German, Italian, Spanish and French. Within these training mediums, themes such as intercultural differences and communication, classical folk-lore as well as the role kinesiology can play, are explored.


  • Intercultural Challenge: Mastering Intercultural Challenges.
  • Strength through Interaction. Folk-lore as a Life Companion.

    Duration: by prior arrangement 1-2 days, from 8 participants upwards


  • A mirror of understanding. How folk-lore promotes intercultural awareness.
  • Stress relief with Kinesiology.
  • Study help with Brain Gym®

    Duration: 90 minutes, from 10 participants upwards

Free estimates available tailor-made to your exact requirements.
For all enquiries and further information please contact: bgottas@usa.net

Or by telephone: +43 (0) 650 - 43 10 240